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Capital Innovations works closely with companies who sell energy efficiency, renewable energy assets, software as well as industrial/commercial equipment and technology to business, municipal and not-for-profit entities. We show our partners how to use financing as a way to close business, while having our full support to manage the transaction flow and customer satisfaction.
  • We have been in business for over three decades! There are few companies that are able to match our tenure, knowledge, and experience.
  • We keep it simpleā€¦ At Capital Innovations, we try to make equipment and project financing as easy as possible. That means we ask the right questions and listen.
  • We understand that getting transactions done is most important to our vendor partners and customers. That is why we have a wide range of finance products including equipment loans, capital leases, municipal leasing, Rental agreements (RHS), Energy Service Agreements, off balance sheet leasing and structured finance.
What We Finance
Renewable Energy/
Energy Efficiency

LED Retrofits, HVAC, Chillers, Co-Gen, Automation, Controls, Solar PV, CHP(Combined Heat Power), CNG/LNG, Back-up Generation, Biomass, Wastewater Treatment, Waste Disposal, Commercial Windows and more.

Manufacturing, Engineering, Supply Chain & Tech

A wide range of manufacturing, environmental, waste disposal, processing/packaging equipment, analytical, technology, etc.

ID and
Access Control

Security and surveillance, biometrics, ID card systems and other technology.


Software, fire trucks, ambulances, sweepers, street and water department, law enforcement technology, energy efficiency and renewable energy.


Software as a Service (SaaS) and Enterprise software for distribution, inventory, public sector, non-profit, healthcare and other purposes.

Food Distribution
and Retail

Refrigeration, point of sale, meat and bakery equipment, display cases, checkweighers, labelers, scales, and energy efficiency projects.


Software Technology and equipment to hospitals, medical practices, clinics and surgical centers.

Commercial Vehicles

New and Used commercial titled vehicles including bucket trucks, crane trucks, drill rigs, delivery vehicles, service trucks and more.

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