Finance Programs

“A great sales tool is one that provides innovative ideas, practical solutions and a high level of support in an effort to help complete more business.”
— Stuart G. Brown, President
Financing to commercial, institutional, non-profit and municipal entities
  • Closely held companies
  • Larger private and publicly traded companies
  • 501-C3 Nonprofit entities
  • Municipal State, county, local, K-12, universities, etc.
  • Structured Financing for Near Investment Grade and Investment Grade Entities
Transaction Size
  • $20,000-$100,000,000Application only to $250K available
  • 2-25 years depending on asset, credit quality, type of entity and transaction size
Contract Types
  • Finance Agreements
  • Capital Lease Agreements
  • Municipal Leases
  • Firm Term Rental Agreement
  • Operating Leases
  • Structured Finance productsPower Purchase Agreement (PPA), Offtake Agreements, Energy Service Agreements, etc.
  • UNLNet Loss reserve Programs
  • Structured Finance Programs
  • Private Label or Co-branded Finance Programs
  • Creative Marketing Programs

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