Our Approach

Let us put money into your customer's hands.

Businesses want to say “yes” to equipment, technology and energy efficiency projects that generate incremental cash flow through savings and increased efficiencies. Unfortunately, some say 'no' because they lack the information and budget to make these investments.

We enhance our partner's business development efforts by seamlessly embedding highly responsive, competitive and smart finance solutions as a part of their natural sale cycle. Our partners, who weave financing into the earlier stages of their sales, are able to:

  • Learn about any financial barriers to entry and how we may be able to solve them
  • Learn who the decision makers are
  • Control the cadence and tempo of the sale by setting up communication between us and the customer
  • Create advancement in the sale by giving the prospect options to help them purchase; thus creating additional conversations.
  • Help differentiate themselves as problem solvers
  • Use a low payment to enhance the cost justification of the purchased asset
  • Impact one of the most important aspects of the sale. Why not make it as easy as possible for your prospects to buy your products?

Although we are in the business of lending money, we view ourselves as a marketing company. We consult with vendor partners to design, implement and execute scalable, effective finance programs that provide results.

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